About us

The Mural Heroes story began with Amy sitting in her bedroom, with nothing but a pencil and a gift for drawing. She exhausted hours every day, drawing herself into her favorite heroes. Amy's Autism wasn't strong enough to stop her from dreaming big despite creating problems for her at school.

We watched her face light up one Christmas, as she unwrapped her very own Mural Heroes portrait.

Mural Heroes was born.

With nothing but an idea and a talented little girl, we started painting portraits for family members, which are still prized possessions to this very day. Word soon got out far and wide, and we became a global brand supplying personalised masterpieces created out of pictures uploaded by our customers.

Our mission is to inspire people to love. Our portraits are made with so much love and care. We believe it is beneficial to the mind and soul, and helps to make the world a better place by growing friendships and building connections. Everyone deserves a great portrait. We are dedicated to helping you express your love and affection towards your children and loved ones through our portraits. We love to see the joy being spread and the conversations it ignites across the social webspace.


Operating since 2017, Mural Heroes has rapidly grown into the world leaders of digital portraits. Over 30 designers worldwide hand draw every little detail with love, care and attention.

We pride ourselves on our customer service, and employ 10+ dedicated customer service agents to ensure our customer's questions are answered quickly and efficiently.

We have production facilities all over the world, to not only reduce shipping times, but also to reduce our carbon footprint.

We have partnered with recognised shipping carriers such as Fedex, DHL, Royal Mail, Australia post and Purolator to give our customers worldwide a local and familiar service.

Our customers' experiences mean a lot to us, and we want them to be part of our story. We do love to hear reactions from your family and friends when you present them a Mural Heroes portrait. You can experience the joy that Amy got when she unwrapped her very own Mural Hero that memorable Christmas morning.